Our Advanced IoT Technologies Group continues to develop exciting new and important sensing and application capabilities using various IOT technologies.

Our customers choose us because we design, deliver and support leading edge technology that provides industry best value over the entire life of the installation.

Peopal’s prime function is to Protect your business – whatever shape that takes. We do this by observing, monitoring and controlling the key areas and critical facets of your daily functions and routines.

We Manage access and examine change all with the goal of safeguarding your staff, your equipment's , your property and ultimately, your livelihood.


Peopal aims to offer a Robust solution for managing and securing every Apartment, Corporate or an enterprise. All our solutions are software based with secured private portals and transformed in encrypted format for a safer community.


Peopal ensures safety and security of gated/fenced enclaves with varied range of solutions, applications and products involving hi tech hardware's. We build authentic and secure environment around you and your loved ones.
Residential Visitor Management System
Peopal's Residential Visitor Management system
Smart Security & Safety System
Peopal's Smart security & Safety patroling system
Intruder Alert System
Peopal's Intruder Alert system
Peopal Intruder system detects unauthorized entry to properties like residential, commercial & industrial Building for protection against burglary (theft) or asset damage. It connects to your Smartphone or tablet, or those of family members. Occupants will be alerted when your alarm is triggered. These systems also allow you to control your smart security from your phone
Smart Fire Alarm System
Peopal's Smart Fire Alarm System
Peopal Fire safety system is a fire alarm system has a number of devices working together to detect and warn people through visual and audio appliances when smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergencies are present.
Centralized Attendance System
Peopal's Centralized Attendance system
Peopal Centralised Attendance system enabled with push data technology, pushes the data from the devices to the centralised server location. This advanced technological implementation is to assist multi location companies to maintain a centralised server by eliminating the installation of servers at each location by cutting down the cost
Helperinfo™ Corporate VMS
Access made digital
Cloud Based Visitor management System
Helperinfo™ Corporate Visitor Management System allows the user to prepare for planned visits, and review a list of visitors due arrive, for security and guard management purposes. Future visitors in an organization are defined in advance in the visitor management system.


Proven experience

With over 100 years of combined expertise, our team have the experience to deliver the best possible results for your project.

Individually Tailored Solutions

Apart from our in house bouquet of security products Every customer has individual system requirements. We provide our clients .

Positive Word of Mouth

Over 80% of our new business comes from word of mouth referrals. Our quality of work and customer service is the foundation .

Very Competitively Priced

We aim to provide our customers with the best value for money. All our quotations are completely transparent without hidden extras.

World Class Technologies

We believe that every home and business should be safe, comfortable, convenient and efficient.

Seamless Process

Embedding the latest technology into your home or business shouldn't be difficult or inconveniencing.


To achieve this mission we must embrace the following values and work ethics within our organisation:
  • Strive for quality and excellence in everything that we do
  • Foster a "we can do" culture by working with commitment and enthusiasm
  • Have a clear view of the high standards expected of us and strive to maintain them.
  • Take personal and team ownership for our work
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Peopal comes with a diversified industry background comprising all sectors and a resolution to ensure the Robust security with no breach. Here’s the Sectors we deal with @








Peopal is honest and reliable and therefore is trusted to work independently on our client’s premises. The company never compromises on integrity because we believe that it is the trust of our clients that we are operating in such an industry. Security is of top most priority to all organizations and people who are responsible for providing shall be upright in their dealings. Our Company believes in professionalism that entails seeing, hearing and evaluating proactively. Our systems always attentive and has a good foresight of the events that might occur.


Customization forte

PEOPAL has created a turnkey, Internet of Things (IoT) ready security elevating solutions in response to key industry or residential issues such as a shortage of low-cost solutions for small buildings, outdated technology, lack of integration and limited wireless hardware.
Our solution includes hardware, software, managed services, connectivity and cloud dashboard, and can be used as a standalone smart security systems or integrated with existing equipment. Using these solutions , it enables facility managers to remotely monitor and control assets, Man-management, with a super reduction in operational costs.

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Peopal enjoys an enviable reputation with a diverse number of business across a broad range of industry sectors – Residential. , Hospitality, mining, and processing & manufacturing.

WHY ? Because we have the experience and the ability to get to the heart of our client’s businesses and develop innovative solutions that incorporate every aspect of their organisation, including Security, Human Resources, Health & Safety, Operation Functionality, and Environmental & Energy Saving.

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