Online Visitor Management is a simple and effective way of managing the visits to your premises. You can quickly register for your guests, helper staff or any kind of domestic help. cloud-based visitor management systems allow you manage all the visitors in the dispersed localities.

  • Centralized cloud-based visitor management

Manage all your societies different locations with centralized controlling and management feature. You can connect different societies, and track the mobility of all your helper staff, guards and others and thus reduce the overall cost of operations.

  • Unlimited Visitors Sign-in

Boost your system efficiency by allowing them to manage hundreds of visitors within fractions of second by eliminating manual entry and authorization procedures. As you can quickly type in the details and other essentials and notify the authorizing party for approvals.

  • Pre-approve your guest visits

Manage hassle-free entries for your guests by pre-notifying the main gates about their arrivals. It will not save time for everybody but also be a warm welcome for your guest but also.

  • Automatic Exit Tracking system

Visitor Management system tracks all the entries and exit for the day and sends alert notifications in case of any discrepancies, thus maintaining a secure environment for you.

  • Improves Productivity

Save your Team Time with the time savior visitor management solution where visitors can be signed in electronically. You can not only save overall processing and management cost but also maintain long-term databases of visitor and thus establish a highly controlled environment within your premises.

  • Instant Notifications

Automatic notifications facility allows you to notify on your guest arrivals. Either way, you will also get the notification via SMS/call from your staff on the arrival of your guests or visitors. You can set up the notification Alerts for all your Helper staff or any type of helper unit visit to your premise.