PeoPal Tier based security solution strategy broadens or restrict the scope of approval authority & entrant authentication depending upon the diversified security requirements. Our enhanced security systems not only allow you to welcome your guests hassle free, but you can also authorize and authenticate your domestic staff.

Our Solutions are Well Known for


Our every Solution offers  transparency in mobility with in your premises. PeoPal solutions are Simple, Safe and Secure and help you achieve your desirable security level from different systems like access cards, bio-metrics or RFID.

  • Digital Validation for Staff
  • Employee Digital Validation.
  • Attendance Management
  • CheckPost Management
  • Multiple CheckPost access Management
  • Web Admin Control For Management
  • Helper tracking
  • Hassle Free Guest Authentication
  • Building cloud communities
  • Connecting Multiple Apprtments/Societies.
  • Real Time Reporting
  • Digital profile Maintenance
  • Intelligent reporting for proactive actions.
  • Solution Implementation, on-boarding of staff.
  • Services and Maintenance.



We will never give, rent or sell access to your data to anyone else, nor will we make use of it ourselves for any purpose other than to provide you this service.

Data security

Your information is protected by software at several different levels. SSL (HTTPS) is used throughout the application. We use AWS for our operations and the data is stored in secure servers in a virtual private cloud. The data is further protected by firewalls, access restrictions, and key information is encrypted when stored. Our security is regularly and thoroughly tested by external software security experts who make recommendations for new methods we could use to increase the security around your data. After each review our team examines and implements any required changes.